Although homes can and are sold privately, we believe that using a Realtor is the best way to go.    Realtors are licensed professionals that are bound to a very strict national code of ethics and adherence to provincial laws. They also have the means toincrease the size of the potential market of buyers or sellers that may want to do business with you (via MLS or Multiple Listing System). Realtors are advisers, mediators, and matchmakers.
When you select a Realtor, make sure you know who he's working for.  This is very important if you are a buyer.

Be sure you are comfortable with the Realtor you choose. Buying/selling homes are the largest business deals that most people ever make in there life, and you want to be sure that it's as pleasant as possible.

It may be wise to use the same Realtor to sell your existing home and find another. This is becausemany agents will cut their commission, resulting in savings for you. Essentially,  you and the Realtor both benefit from such an arrangement.

If you are a buyer
, place more emphasis on the structural integrity, and less on the colour of the walls or broadloom. Thorough  inspection of the property is very important. You may want to seriously consider getting a HOME INSPECTION. This has a nominal cost, but may save you thousands of dollars later. If you decide that you want to get a home  inspection condition in your AGREEMENT OF PURCHASE AND SALE and your Realtor tries to talk you out of one, we think its best you find a new Realtor.

Be careful not to mortgage more than you can "truly" afford. Your Realtor and local
financial advisor can help you decide what is within your range of financial ability.

Purchasing a new home is an increcdible journey. Make sure you are equipeed with all the tools to ensure it is a successful one!